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Plan for family and charitable goals with planned giving news in your mail or inbox.

We welcome you to explore Loyola Legacy, our biannual publication that highlights estate planning options, current news about Loyola, and interesting donor stories.

Below you will find the most recent copies of Loyola Legacy (formerly known as Magis). If you have any questions about the stories or gift opportunities or would like us to send you a paper copy, please feel free to contact us.

Spring/Summer 2016


In the spring issue you can read about the late Robert R. Otremba (BS '49, MS '63) and a $2.5 million estate gift that he left to Loyola to fund several scholarships. Learn about Dr. Robert (MD '85) and Pamela Munson, who have designated a significant gift in their estate plan to support scholarships for Stritch students. And read about Joyce Barry (MUND '55), who left more than a million dollars to the Gannon Center as a tribute to her education at Mundelein College.


Fall/Winter 2015


In this issue we share stories about Jeanne (MUND '74) and Desmond LaPlace, longtime champions of the Gannon Center for Women and Leadership. Read about Dr. Richard Wellington Poley (MD '57) who set up a scholarship in honor of his late classmate and friend Dr. James Patterson (MD '57). We also feature a story on Anne Bannister (JFRC Fall '84, BBA '85, MBA '93), a Rome Center alumna who has included the Rome Center in her estate plan. And finally, if you need some creative ideas for making charitable gifts while also supporting your family, this issue is for you!


Spring/Summer 2015


Meet Dr. Michael (BS ’62) and Dorothy (MUND ‘62) Carbon, who met when he was at Loyola and she was at Mundelein. Read about their support of the Carbon Scholars Program, and learn helpful tips about making estate plans.


Fall/Winter 2014


Meet Charles Whittingham (BS '51) and learn about his Loyola story and his support for the future of the University. Read about three common year-end challenges facing taxpayers and how your charitable goals can align with your financial needs.


Spring/Summer 2014

Photo of Mary Jo Bohr

Meet Mary Jo Bohr (JFRC ’71-’72, BA ’73) and Patricia Wozniak (BSN ’59) and hear how a Loyola education has impacted their lives and how they intend to support future generations of Loyola students. Read about charitable gift options that provide you with steady income while supporting your alma mater. Check out a case study that examines how you can turn appreciated securities into fixed income when you will need it most.


Fall/Winter 2013

Photo of Mayda de Armas

Read the incredible stories of Mayda de Armas (MUND ’66) and Paul J. Proteau (BBA ’53, MSIR ’58) and his late wife, Roseanne Vitullo Proteau (MD ’62), whose lives were shaped by their Jesuit education. Learn how these Mundelein and Loyola alumni chose to make their experience possible for future students. And as you gear up for year-end and tax season planning, read about some interesting and creative ways you can meet both your philanthropic and financial goals.


Spring/Summer 2013


Learn how Joan Steinbrecher (MEd '64, PhD '80), John Jozwiak (BA '50, JD '54), and Dr. Richard (MD '63) and Alice Nagle (MUND '61) made a difference in the lives of Loyola's students through their passionate work and thoughtful generosity. And, read how a charitable gift annuity might be an answer to your low-interest-bearing accounts or stock dividends.


Fall/Winter 2012


Meet Wendy Barr, PhD, RN (BSN '69) to hear an inspiring story about a woman who gave back to support future nursing students. Also, read about things you should consider to prepare for potential tax changes.


Spring/Summer 2012


Meet Dr. Kumiko Watanuki (MUND BA '84, MA '87), Dr. Mario (BS '77, DDS '81) and Theresa (BSN '75) Tse, and Ruthellyn (BA '75) and Ron Musil, and learn how they have chosen to support Loyola with a planned gift. Also, read interesting myth-busting facts about the benefits of creating a will to provide for you and your loved ones, including Loyola.


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