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Understanding planned giving

With maturity and wisdom often comes an interest in ensuring that the people we care about, as well as the values that have played important roles in our own lives, are protected both now and in the future.

With strategic planning you may find a planned-giving vehicle that lets you address your own financial concerns and challenges while also allowing you to create a legacy that will extend the benefits of your generosity far into the future and on a much broader scale.

So where do you begin?

With all the options available, which is the best one for you? Since the various gift plans offer tremendous benefits for you, the donor, you should base your strategy on your individual situation, just as you have done with all of your financial planning. Below are some ways to begin.

Option 1: Compare gift plans

Familiarize yourself with the options and their benefits by comparing the gift plans side by side.

Option 2: Life Stage Gift Planner™

Or see the various strategies as they apply to people with goals and concerns similar to yours by using our interactive Life Stage Gift Planner™.

Option 3: Specific concerns

Do you have specific concerns you would like addressed first? Then look below to find the starting point for your philanthropic strategy.

  1. Take care of loved ones and dependents: Do you want to give but also need to make sure your loved ones are provided for either now or after you are gone? Look at these options: gifts that pay you income or gifts that protect your assets.
  2. Can't afford to change your lifestyle: Do you want to make a gift but can't afford to change your lifestyle? Look into a bequest.
  3. Need income now or later: Are you worried about your income in the years to come? A gift to us in the form of a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust can actually provide you with an income for life.
  4. Have gift-friendly assets: Do you have a specific asset that you would like to give and want to know the gift vehicles and benefits that apply? Click on one of these links to start: cash, retirement funds, securities, closely held business stock.

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