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Million-dollar gift honors Mundelein legacy

Photo of Joyce Barry (MUND ‘55).

Joyce Barry (MUND ’55)

Joyce Barry (pictured above) retired from Marriott International after serving as a dietician and quality control worker. She was a leader in her field and excelled at a time that was challenging for women in the workforce. In her estate plan she left more than a million dollars to Loyola in support of the Gannon Center. The following information was shared by a close friend and classmate, Marie Therese Gauer (MUND ’55).

Q: What kind of person was Joyce?

She was a beautiful woman and an excellent friend who was well known in her field. I met her in college, and she lived with her mother and two aunts. All of those ladies were very professional in their work. Joyce loved music and the opera. She used to go to New York City with her mother and aunts for a whole weekend to see two or three operas.

Q: What was Joyce’s experience at Mundelein like?

She really valued Sister Mary Pierre, BVM, who ran the Department of Home Economics. When Joyce came to her for guidance and asked, “What do I do?,” Sister Pierre responded, “Come to college, and don’t worry about it. We’ll help you figure it out.” Joyce was an excellent student. She was always grateful, as I am, for Mundelein College. The quality education and opportunities Mundelein offered women were wonderful. Joyce wanted to do something to repay that legacy.

Q: What was Joyce’s involvement with the Gannon Center?

She kept close ties with Sister Ann Ida Gannon. They had a longtime friendship, and every time Joyce came to campus she made a point to see her. Sister Ann Ida always felt very close to the class of 1955, because it was during our time that she became president of the college.

The significant support from Joyce’s estate set into motion the Celebrate Mundelein campaign, which seeks to secure the financial future of the Gannon Center by significantly growing its endowment. Joyce’s legacy will provide scholarship assistance in perpetuity to young women working to make a difference in society.



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