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Remembering Rome


Anne Bannister (JFRC FALL ’84, BBA ’85, MBA ’93)
Anne owns a strategic marketing consulting firm, CallaCoda, LLC, and lives in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.

Q: What did you value about your time at the Rome Center?

Being there helped me realize that being a person in the world goes beyond intellectual capabilities. It is about being able to integrate into other cultures and appreciate the impact of historic arts and cultures. You have to be yourself while still respecting and appreciating the other culture.

Q: What impact did it have on your life and career?

The Rome Center prepared me for how to blend in with other cultures without negating the fact that I was American. I worked overseas for many years and interacted with people in different cultures, which I learned how to do at the Rome Center.

Q: Why have you chosen to leave money to the Rome Center in your estate plan?

I have supported the Rome Center for many years because of my deep connection to it. So when it came time for me to do my estate planning, I included the Rome Center in my will because I have been very successful in my career and attribute much of that success to my experience there.

Q: What do you hope your gift will contribute to the life of the Rome Center?

I value the ability to enable students who wouldn’t otherwise have the ability to go to the Rome Center to be able to go. To me, that is worth every penny. Anything we can do to enable students to leave our country and experience another culture makes our country a better place.



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