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Carbon Scholars Program a success


Dr. Michael (BS ’62) and Dorothy (MUND ’62) Carbon

Michael worked as a physician specializing in nephrology for more than 30 years. Dorothy taught high school mathematics and worked in the travel industry. Both are retired.

Q: What did you value about your time at Loyola?

Michael: I did my pre-medical training at Loyola. That was my initial connection to the University, and I met my wife while we were students. She attended Mundelein College. We met on a blind date and just celebrated our 50th anniversary.

Q: Why did you choose to fund the Carbon Scholars Program?

Michael: Helping students obtain their education is very important to us. Since the program began, it has been inspiring to be part of. Carbon Scholars are very bright, energetic young people who want to do something with their lives and education. They are not just looking for jobs but are also wanting to contribute something to society.

Dorothy: It’s a fantastic opportunity for the students because they get to work with faculty members for two years of their college career and learn things they otherwise might not experience solely in a classroom. And if faculty members have an idea that they want to pursue and do scientific research on, they have the students to do it with. It’s a win-win situation.

Q: Why is it important to support your alma mater?

Both: It’s an incredible investment in the future. We have supported Loyola financially in several different ways because we believe in the University, and we feel nothing better could be done with money.



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