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The Shaulis Scholarship: Life-saving care inspires donation


A life-changing experience with the neonatal intensive care unit at Loyola University Health System inspired Dr. Susanna Hayes to establish a scholarship that will help train young pediatricians.

Dr. Hayes' niece Maria and her prematurely born son Justin received care that saved their lives at Loyola. Early in her pregnancy, Maria experienced many complications. At Loyola, she received treatment that helped her regain her health and deliver Justin as soon as his medical team determined that he could survive.

"Had it not been for Loyola, both Maria and Justin were seriously in danger of dying," Dr. Hayes says. "Justin has been and continues to be an extraordinarily gifted and loved child. He is in high school now and loves to learn as much as he can, sharing his experiences to the delight of friends and family. The world is a better place with them fully alive, healthy, and sharing their gifts of life."

Dr. Hayes endowed the Justin Shaulis Scholarship in 2004 to be awarded annually to a deserving medical student at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine who maintains good academic standing, demonstrates financial need, and plans to pursue a pediatrics specialty.

It was important to Dr. Hayes to let Justin know, while he was young, that his life is a precious gift that she values greatly. She also felt it was important to remind him that it was the medical team that helped save their lives.
Recently, Dr. Hayes decided to secure the future of the Justin Shaulis Scholarship through a planned gift to Stritch. She established a charitable remainder trust with the scholarship as beneficiary.

With this gift option, the donor transfers assets to the trust and receives a set income from it for a period of years. When the trust terminates, the remaining balance is distributed to the charitable organization. In this way Dr. Hayes will receive a steady income stream while also supporting her philanthropic priorities.

"When I make a contribution to Stritch I know I am joining many other contributors who share similar values and beliefs," Dr. Hayes says. "There is a deep sense of peace and satisfaction in knowing that I can help talented and dedicated young medical students provide essential services to those in need."



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